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    Cosmetic & Family Dentist

    Welcome to M Dental, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.      
    Dr. Kenneth A. Meinbach provides a dental experience crafted to meet your individual needs in a high-quality, pain-free and comfortable dental office.

    Our team is dedicated to providing preventative, restorative, and comprehensive dentistry for all our patients. We strive for every patient to leave the office satisfied, stress-free, and proud of his/her smile.

    Find helpful dental information.

    New & existing patient information.

    Meet our team!

    What Our Patients are saying about Dr. Meinbach

    “I can offer my highest recommendation without any reservation for M Dental…”  

    “I had a great experience. The staff was very nice and helpful…”   

    “Dr. Meinbach is the best dentist I've ever had…” 

    “He is very detailed and did a fabulous job on my dental work…” 

    “Dr. Meinbach is an excellent dentist and everyone in his office is very attentive, professional and nice…” 

    “They took the time to explain everything to me and I will definitely refer people to them and come back…”

    “If there were more stars, I'd HAPPILY give them…”

    “My search is over! I found an experienced, caring, professional in Dr. Meinbach…“

    “Dr. M. was one of the most cautious and concerned doctors I've ever been too.  Dr. Meinbach is a perfectionist and an artist…” 

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