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    1. Contact Us

      • Sales Cooperation

        We provide publishing and distribution services to video games developers and publishers worldwide. We creatively and aggressively market, promote, and bring maximum exposure for our partners’ games to maximize their sales to millions of Sonkwo loyal customers and fans. We welcome game developers and publishers throughout the world to contact and partner with us.

        E-mail: coop@ceasia.com.cn

      • Publishing

        We cooperate closely with developers and studios by providing supports that include activities such as funding, technical, promotion, production, content approval, and localization. These services enable our partners to create the best games and bring their games to China, southeast Asia, and worldwide markets.

        E-mail: coop@ceasia.com.cn

      • Media Cooperation

        We sincerely look forward to cooperating with media and key opinion leaders (KOL) in a variety of creative and effective ways to maximize the positive impact of advertising, PR, and promotional events. Our objectives are to maximally benefit all participating parties and grow the video game market.

        E-mail: coop@ceasia.com.cn

      • Cross-industry Cooperation/Advertising

        To maximize cross-industry opportunities and sales with non-game partners such as internet, IT, beverage, and food businesses, we actively engage in cross-promotions to take advantage of strong brands, effective distribution channels, product bundling, and other marketing activities and resources. We also welcome cooperation with advertising companies seeking resource assistance.

        E-mail: coop@ceasia.com.cn

      • “Yue”Funding Project

        Sonkwo & TENGYE "Yue" funding project is a multiple faceted support program for indie developers. Jointly founded by Sonkwo and TENGYE Venture, the project is committed to providing consulting, technical, financial, and other appropriate support to excellent and high-potential indie game developers during their games' early development process. The ultimate objective is to enable innovative and excellent video games to become a reality. The initial 80 million yuan of "Yue" funding project is now fully available to quality indie developers worldwide. Please contact us to take advantage of the project, and we look forward to working with you.

        E-mail: funding@ceasia.com.cn

      • Support

        If you encounter any issues purchasing a game on Sonkwo, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, telephone, QQ, etc. We will assist you as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

        Address: Room A201, Building B-2, Northern Territory,No. 66, XiXiaoKou Road, Haidian District,Beijing, China (100192)

        Tel:+86 10 6843 4500

        E-mail: support@ceasia.com.cn