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    1. ABOUT US

      Founded in 1999, CE-Asia is a China-based leading publisher and distributor of video games. The Company has been committed to partner with game developers and publishers worldwide to introduce their games into the China market. It has established a strong reputation for delivering the best gaming experiences to all Chinese gamers.

      To accomplish its core objectives, CE-Asia provides video game publishers and developers worldwide with publishing, digital distribution, co-development, marketing and promotions, content approval, and localization services.

      Headquartered in Beijing, CE-Asia also has branch offices in HangZhou, Hong Kong, and Seattle USA. CE-Asia teams are comprised of avid video gamers from China and beyond. They are passionate about gaming, creative and enthusiastic, with many years of publishing, operating, and development experience in the China video games market.

      Management Team

      • Wu Li


        As one of the true pioneers in the Chinese gaming industry, Mr. Wu Li was also the first person responsible for bringing Electronic Arts’ games to the Chinese games market. In his 20-year-long career in the gaming industry, Mr. Wu not only actively participated in and contributed to the development of China’s video games market, he also gained a great deal of experience and has developed his own vision about this special market.

      • John Ma

        Board Director & Chief Consulting Officer

        With 30 years of experience in the video gaming business, Mr. John Ma has deep knowledge in team management and has a very strong gaming industry background. Mr. Ma was Head of Planning at Activision and was an Executive Vice President at Acclaim Entertainment. In addition, as a member of the executive management team at MTV Games under Viacom, he led the productivity and operations for the famous music video game series Rock Band®.

      • Paul Eibeler

        Chief Advisor

        Paul Eibeler is best known as the former CEO of Take-Two Interactive from 2005-2007 (NASDAQ: TTWO), a worldwide publisher of interactive software. He managed the Company through some of its most turbulent times. Mr. Eibeler's excellent reputation within the financial community and his straight forward management style drove Take-Two to become one of the top four leading game publishers in the world.

      • Jim Bass

        Chief Advisor

        As Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Jim Bass brings more than 25 years of financial and international management experience to his position at Sony Computer Entertainment America. Mr. Bass is responsible for all financial operations of the company including general accounting and financial reporting, planning, analysis and systems, treasury and risk management, purchasing, internal audit, and federal, state and local income taxes.

      Company History

      • Sonkwo distributed Epic store games, such as Borderland 3, The Outer Worlds and etc.

      • CE-Asia published the side-scroller and action game Blazing Chrome on Steam.

      • The 2nd hardcore gamer exclusive party “Sonkwo π”was held in Beijing.

      • Ceasia published Banner of the Maid, the first indie game funded by "Yue" Project, on Steam

      • CE-Asia announced its cooperation with Ubisoft, a world-renowned game publisher, to promote and distribute Uplay titles on Sonkwo with quick, one-click player activation.

      • Sonkwo expanded from mainland China to major regions in Southeast Asia. Fallout 76 became the first title to be released on Sonkwo Hong Kong site.

      • CE-Asia formed partnership with well-known German video game publisher Daedalic to bring two games “AER - Memories of Old” and “Silence” to Playstation 4 for the China market.

      • CE-Asia published its first PlayStation 4 game

        Loadout in Asia

      • Sonkwo "π", a party for only hardcore gamers

        was held in Beijing

      • Sonkwo launched partner.sonkwo.com,

        to provide games integration management

        and sales management services for partners.

        Sonkwo announced its “Yue” funding project

        to support Indie developers worldwide,

        with the first round of funding 80 Million RMB.

      • Sonkwo App 2.0 Released

        Sonkwo "Headline" Feature Launched

      • CE-Asia has officially become a publisher and partner of PlayStation

      • Sonkwo mobile app launched for Android

        Sonkwo, the gaming brand from CE-Asia,
        has officially signed 2,000 game titles under its portfolio.

      • Sonkwo mobile app launched for iOS

        Sonkwo's community revamped,
        to serve the gamers in a new level.

      • Sonkwo® Games 2nd generation software
        with focus on community features for gamers was
        officially launched in China. The software update,
        which features an outstanding and professional platform
        for all-around gaming related services, received an
        enthusiastic response from gamers.

      • DiRT? 3 from Codemasters and Super Street
        Fighter IV: Arcade Edition?, both released by
        CE-Asia in China, were awarded as “Top 10 Most Popular
        PC Games inChina” at China Game Industry
        Annual Conference 2013.

      • Formed partnership with the well-known games
        company Bethesda Softworks® (a division of ZeniMax®) to
        bring the highly acclaimed and most anticipated games
        such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?,
        Wolfenstein: The New Order?.

      • Sonkwo® Games
        Store was officially launched
        on January 18th in China.

      • Total War: Shogun 2? from SEGA,
        released by CE-Asia China, was awarded as
        “Top 10 Most Popular PC Games in China”
        at China Game Industry Annual Conference 2012.

      • Empire: Total War? from SEGA,
        released by CE-Asia in China, was awarded as
        “Top 10 Most Popular PC Games in China”
        at China Game Industry Annual Conference 2011.

      • Released Bioshock® from 2K Games
        (a division of Take2 Interactive).The game was awarded as
        “Top 10 Most Popular PC Games in China”
        at China Game Industry Annual Conference 2010.

      • In cooperation with Advanced Micro
        Devices (AMD) promoted acclaimed title Colin
        McRae?: DiRT? 2 from Codemasters to huge
        success in China.

      • Partnered with famous Japanese games
        company SEGA to bring Virtua Tennis?, SEGA Rally?,
        Total War?, and other popular video game series to

      • Established partnership with Codemasters in the
        UK to launch highly acclaimed racing titles such as
        Colin McRae?: DiRT?, ToCA Race Driver 3?,
        Colin McRae?: DiRT? 2, DiRT? 3 and F1?
        series in China.

      • Launched Sid Meier’s Civilization IV?,
        Sid Meier's Railroads?, Bioshock®, Jade Empire?
        and additional great games in China through
        cooperation with Take-Two Interactive
        (NASDAQ: TTWO).

      • Cooperated with Activision to introduce
        the highly acclaimed best-selling Franchise Call of
        Duty® to the China market; followed by the
        popular simulation game The Movies?.

      • Partnered with Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS)
        to release EA’s best-selling titles such as FIFA Soccer?,
        NBA Live?, Need for Speed?, The Sims?, and Medal
        of Honor? for the first time in China.